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A Guide to Post-Storm Damage for Austin Homeowners

roof damage - steps after roof storm damage

Intense storms are stressful for everyone but can be especially hard on homeowners. Strong wind and hail can cause downed power lines, broken windows, car damage, and, of course, roof damage. If your neighborhood was recently in the path of destructive storms, here are the steps after roof storm damage Austin homeowners should complete.

Steps After Roof Storm Damage – Austin Homeowners

Before you assess whether the storm caused significant structural damage, take a few moments to breathe. Roofs, windows, and powerlines can be fixed. It may take some time, but your home will be repaired. Refrain from making quick decisions. Instead, follow these steps.

Step 1: Assess the roof damage.

After a storm, you may feel compelled to inspect your roof for any signs of damage, such as missing or damaged shingles, leaks, or dents from hail. However, we encourage you to complete your inspection from the ground or a second-story window. You may miss some of the less significant damage with your untrained eye. In addition, it’s unsafe to stand on top of a damaged roof. 

Step 2: Call a reputable roofing company.

You’ll notice increased traffic in your neighborhood the day after the storm. Roofers from across the country will knock on your door, offering storm damage roof repair. You might be tempted to have these companies assess the damage. However, we encourage you to contact a local professional roofing contractor with a solid reputation to schedule an inspection.

Step 3: Contact your insurance company.

If the professional inspection report indicates you have roof damage, notify your insurance company to file a claim. 

Review your homeowners insurance policy to understand what is covered and what deductible you must pay for roof repairs or replacement. Some policies may have specific coverage for storm damage, including hail, wind, and water damage.

Each insurance carrier has its own claims process. Some insurance companies may recommend specific roofing companies or may require that you get multiple quotes. If you have a choice of roofing companies, choose contractors who are licensed, insured, and experienced in handling storm damage repairs. Compare quotes and consider factors such as materials, labor costs, and warranties.

Step 4: Coordinate with your insurance adjuster.

Work closely with your insurance adjuster and the roofing contractor to assess the damage accurately and determine the scope of repairs needed. Be present during the inspection to ensure all damage is documented and accounted for. It’s also a good idea to have a roofing contractor present. 

roof damage caused by hail

Step 5: Complete the necessary paperwork.

Fill out any paperwork your insurance company requires, such as claim forms and proof of loss documents. Keep copies of all communications, estimates, and invoices related to the roof repair process. Some roofing companies will help you with the claim process. 

Step 6: Schedule repairs.

Once your insurance claim is approved, schedule the roof repairs or replacement with the chosen contractor. Ensure that the work complies with local building codes and regulations.

Step 7: Evaluate the job. 

After the roof repairs are completed, conduct a final inspection with the contractor to ensure the work meets your expectations and complies with the insurance company’s requirements. Keep records of all completed repairs and payments made.

By following these steps and staying proactive throughout the insurance claims and roof repair process, Austin homeowners can effectively address storm damage and restore the integrity of their roofs.

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Key Takeaways: What to Do After Experiencing a Strong Storm

  • Step 1: Assess the roof damage.
  • Step 2: Call a reputable roofing company.
  • Step 3: Contact your insurance company.
  • Step 4: Coordinate with your insurance adjuster.
  • Step 5: Complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Step 6: Schedule repairs.
  • Step 7: Evaluate the job.